Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yucca endlichiana

Another plant I picked over the weekend, Yucca endlichiana, rarely seen in collections and not offered for for purchase very often especially in this size, although I did find a couple of seedlings last year. This plant is roughly 15yrs old so it slow grower, it was dug up from a raised bed so in pot pot culture it be even slower. Also plant is hardy here in zone 9b so I can leave it out all winter without worry.

Normally the tuber/caudex it buried but it can raised for staging purposes without causing ill effects. Pot color is not right but it was all I had, I made a couple of different shaped containers last night for it's permanent home. Will update photos when those pots are complete.

Lovely bark texture!

Curly threads of the leaves are very nice also.


Succulentguy said...

Looks great! Good thing you didn't see the really big one that I have on a different hill. Looks like I'll have to pot that one up someday soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Keith! just did a search on Yucca endlichiana and up you popped!
Great blog!
JoEllen Arnold