Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A few small pots

Tylecodon reticulata, 3" wide pot

Othonna cacalioides, 2" wide pot

Peperomia species, 1.5" tall pot

Euphorbia waringiae, 2" tall pot

Euphorbia ambovombensis, 2.5" tall pot

Euphorbia capsaintemariensis, 2" tall pot


Anonymous said...

Wow, Don;t know how you do it but you make those plants and pots look good and like they were "made" for each other!

Alorinna said...

I agree! These look amazing. I had to really look and see where one started and the other ended!

Great work!

Anonymous said...

VERY impressive work! I'm an instant fan.
Keith Gordon

Beth said...

There's hardly anything I can add to what the others said - they are amazing together!! You've shown me that I really need to step out of the box a little. Many times I have a piece that "I" don't think came out well or the glaze doesn't look good, my husband tells me that it is fine and it's just my critical way of looking at my own work. Kitoi, keep up the NICE work!!!

Percilla said...

Those are awesome.


David said...

Lovely textures and colours. I really enjoy looking at the fruits of all your labours. Keep up the good work.

David UK

cactuscactus said...

beautiful work! as an artist and plant fanatic and hope-to-be potter, i find these very inspiring..