Thursday, September 24, 2009

Digitostigma caput-medusae

Made this pot just to see how difficult it would be, now once finished I had no plant that would look right in it.

Till I purchased a grafted Digi, the graft fills about 2/3 of the 6" depth pot. Recognize this Rich?
This was made from scrap black mountain clay that I mixed with tissue paper resulting in what is called "paperclay". The fibers in the clay make stronger bodies and bonding as well as reducing weight. I wanted to make the walls an 1/8" thick and could not have done that with traditional clay, it would have been too brittle. The texture on the outer surface is from slip made from the scraps and brush on diagonally. The grog(sand) shows up do to the brush, it wipes away the fine clay that makes the surface smooth.

Cacti is not my thing but I was intrigued by the form of this one. I also have a seed grown plant that has some nice tubers, when it gets larger I'll make a pot for it to show off its attributes


Succulentguy said...

Looks pretty good. It's a fast grower. You'll need a bigger pot soon.

CactusHead said...

Hey Keith,
Very cool pot. I was looking for pictures of Ditiostima when I found your blog. Did you ever plant your seed grown plant with the tuber exposed?
Also saw your pot pics at This one
would look awesome with Dioscorea elephantipes in it.

Still keeping my fingers crossed you send your trimmings one day ;-)

Paul Fischer (paulzie32 from Gardenweb)