Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Large oval bonsai crackpot

Began with 12-15lbs of Cassius Basaltic clay

Form to a 16" bowl with no bottom, then was bagged to let the walls firm up enough to be handled and shaped

A batch of papreclay was mixed up to make the bottom and feet

4 days later it is dry enough to shape into an oval, it is now 18.5" in diameter

Paperclay was kneaded, wedged and rolled out to a 1/4" thickness. Then cut to size to fit into the bowl. I apply the bottom of the pot inside so no seams are seen from the out side of the pot and not to disturb the cracked textured outer surface.

Bottom is blended with the walls.

Ready to be bagged again to equalize moisture content and firm up enough to flip over to apply feet.


Ten Four said...

e the blog and your work, very well done and inspiring, would be great to have more enthusiasm like yours at PaperClay group. Cheers 10/4 Journeyman Artist.

3DArtist said...

Interesting to see how you combine different clays for a single pot.

Duffy said...

why do you add a bottom from a different clay? does the texture on the side of the pot come from the drying process?