Sunday, May 3, 2009

A sad sight

Yesterday I was checking on my Adenia plants, all were showing signs of growth except for one. I started poking around the base of the plant to see if I could find the reason, and one poke later I did. My finger went in about 2in. I lift the plant out of it's pot and the entire base was rotted. I cleaned out out all decayed material and placed a fan on the plant to aid in drying the effected area.


Slave to Butter said...

Hi Kitoi,
I had a similar experience when I was watering my plants in the basement last night. I stuck my hand into an Adenium firingalavensis and was greeted with slimy rot! Excised bad wood and the plant is now drying with a fan. Is this just not the best hobby!?! Nothing ever goes wrong!

Succulentguy said...

Ha! Just lost a huge old cyphostemma juttae. All the others were leafing out, and BAM! Rotted clean through. Oh, and I can't grow firingalavensis either. It always has rot problems.