Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bison Trimming Tools

In my short pottery carrier I have gone through various trimming tools, all get dull very quickly. With my work schedule I trim when I have time and most the time the pots have gone past leather hard (except the ones I remember to cover in plastic), the heavily grogged clays I like to use eats up these tools quickly. I've tried loops, hooks, angled irons, cheap ones and expensive. After researching I read many positive reviews regarding Bison Trimming Tools, I ordered 2 heavy duty loops, one triangular and one teardrop. They are pricey at $58ea for the heavy duty tools but if they last like everyone says it will be well worth it. Anyway, they shipped today and will have them in time for the weekend trimming session.

They arrived today(06/02/09)!
These tools have a very nice feel in the hand, well balanced and sharp. Can't wait to give them a try!


Josiah said...

Sweet! Just watch out, as tungsten carbide is wicked brittle. One good drop onto a concrete floor will shatter them.

Kitoi said...

It's not dropping on the concrete that will be a problem it's loosing it in the slurry bucket.