Thursday, April 30, 2009

Terra sig bonsai pots

Saw some Tokoname pots at a bonsai show and was talking to some club member and they wanted a local source this style of pot. After studying the containers at the show and doing some research online I think may have figured out how to recreate that look in an electric kiln. Made up a batch of redart terra sigillata then divided in half, leave one red and the other I made black.

Not sure if the Japanese do it this way but the texture of my recreations are very close to the surface feel of the Tokoname pots.

I like the red and black together.
Attempted to antique this cascade pot, the imprints at the rim are from rivets. When I was apllying the terra sig the moisture got under and some relesaed so I removed them all.

Mixed red and black on the pot and red only on the feet

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