Sunday, April 26, 2009

Checking growth

Brachystelma barberiae, this species is so tender and easy to rot that every spring I wonder if it will wake from it's long dormancy. As you can see it's waking up, you can also see it's putting out new roots where it rotted 2yrs ago.

Cyphostemma segmentatum is also showing signs of growth, this is another temperamental species to keep alive year to year. Hopefully the cuttings I rooted last year will be waking soon.

Unpotted my large Adansonia digitata to check roots for anticipation of a new pot.

Slab built this pot about 3wks ago, thought I was so smart cutting all the pieces allowing enough length for shrinkage. Well I didn't, the walls were about 4in short. Instead of scrapping the whole project I made a piece to fill in. Kind of reminds me of the hull of a ship, with the rivets and all.

It's dry enough for the bisque firing, that will take place on Tuesday. I'll probably just stain it with a manganese dioxide wash then fire to ^6 and be done with it.

Last year I purchased this Aloe polyphylla due to it's dichotomous branching, today I went to repot it. It was cover with leaves from the winter winds and as I uncover it I noticed something different.

It branched again!

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