Friday, January 22, 2010

Bad kiln

The last few loads have been my wife's glass so the kiln doesn't go over 1455deg. I did a bisque fire on Monday and got an error code "err8", the manual does not show this. Called Cress, they said it was because the temperature failed to rise, could be caused by a broken or damaged element. Tuesday I turned the kiln on and kept an eye on the temperature reading. It got 1690 and would not increase then the err8 flashed on the screen. Next I opened the kiln to see if any of the elements were out.

All the coils are glowing , so now what? I close the lid and turn it off the power, the fan stopped so I assumed it was off. Went back to the garage 3hrs later and the kiln was still hot! popped the lid and all coils still glowing. Unplugged it this time and called the manufacturer again, the tech said it was a relay causing the problem. I'll do another test today and call him back.

In the mean time I put my partially fired bisque pots into the small kiln, will take two loads to get them all.

This is half the amount. I'm experimenting with making cracked ovals, so far so good. I'll do some glazing and staining over the weekend then fire next week. Also starting a large oval tomorrow, a 22in diameter is the proposed width.

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