Saturday, November 7, 2009

Othonna Euphobioides

This is one of my more challenging stagings. When I got it about 5-6yrs ago it was tall and rank. The roots had grown out of the drain holes and into the soil at the nursery, plus in a bit too much shade. Instead of chopping it up I removed the lower branches and let the plant desiccate so the limbs would have some flex to them. After about 8wk sitting bareroot I wired it to the pot and around the rock as well as changing the position of the branches. It stayed bound up for 2yrs and bindings were removed in Sept of this year.

Among the first pots I made in 2007 and is 12" square x 1.5" deep and glazed blue to contrast with the greenish yellow flowers.

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David D. Gilbaugh said...

Really nice. I can appreciate the time and effort - it shows.