Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Some glaze test pots

Iron matte with saturated iron on the rim

Translucent green with green crawl over manganese wash

Desert sage

Pistachio shino

Another Pistachio shino

Black mountain body with clear satin on the ribs

Manganese dioxide wash

Peking blue crackle orchid pot

Cassius Basalitic body naked (no stain, no glaze) dirt pot


Linda Starr said...

All of your new pots are beautiful. I absolutely love the Peking Blue Crackle. I need to get a pot from you with that glaze once I get relocated, which will be a while because we are moving across country to find a place where I can have a dedicated studio. Are you firing to Cone 10? My black mountains pieces come out almost black in cone 10? Beautiful work.

3DArtist said...

Wonderful pieces, Keith! The last one really caught my attention for its organic bark texture, but I like the glazed ones as well.


Rob Addonizio from Taiko-Earth said...

Great stuff Keith!

I like your variety of color, shape and texture.