Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Commission pot complete

The final dimensions of the commission pot are 11" inside diameter with a 4" depth, manganese wash to highlight the fissures and opted not to glaze the rim. Staged the Operculycaria, pruned to shape and delivered it last night....and forgot my camera!! Grrrrrr...

Received an email from a grower with an Alluaudia montagnacii that had a height of 12", he wanted a black with vertical fissures. Had this pot sitting on a shelf waiting for an idea what to do with it. A manganese/3124 frit wash was applied to make the cracks and surface darker. This pot is 4" wide.


~PakKaramu~ said...

Pak Karamu visiting your beuty pots

Anonymous said...

These pots are works of art ! I LOVE them, expecially the second one as an example. The commission pot must ave thrilled the new owner. The fissures, and look of bark appeal to me, to. Thefirst one is one of my favorite shapes for plants soon as they leave the baby stage.

You folks amaze me. Do you put drain holes in all of them? May I ask what you would charge for one like one of the first two pot? That is is you care to sell any.

Iso wish I could travel and meet some of you and see your nurserys in person. What a thrill that would be. But I'm not physically able, nor do i have funds for traveling. I like a roof over my head in winter and like to eat, too much. hehe