Thursday, August 20, 2009

Show plants

These are a few of the plants I entered in the Inter-City show

Fouquieria fasciculata-1st place-outstanding specimen

Petopentia natalensis-1st place-outstanding specimen

Cissus tuberosa-1st place

Fockea edulis-2nd place

Pachypodium baronii v. baronii-1st place

Cyphostemma segmentatum-2nd place

Ipomoea arboresense-1st place

Pachypodium lamerei-2nd place

1 comment:

J.Barrett said...

Keith! Your plants are absolutely stunning! I've recently become entranced by caudiciforms and have a few including Discorea Elephantipes and Fockea Edulis.

I wouldn't mind asking you a few questions if that's alright?

Mainly regarding pot depth, soil mix, pruning etc etc.

Throw me an email if you fancy a little chat.

Cheers buddy!