Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Greenware Bonsai Crackpot

At the show I had many inquiries about larger pots so I thought I'd better get practicing. My largest bat is 12" so that's the largest base I can produce till I pickup some bigger ones. Made 3-4 simple cracked pots but wanted to try something a little more formal.

Made this pot last night, it has a 13" outside diameter and after firing will have a an inside diameter of about 11" and 3" deep, once it dries some I'll get started on the base and feet. Looking pretty good so far.


Linda Starr said...

Congratulations on all your wins at the show down South. I've got to remember to get on your blog more regularly as I missed a ton of posts recently. Your pots are so beautiful and so are your plants, they really complement one another. I love the textured surfaces you achieve, they are really great. The plants are amazing especially the ones with the fat trunks. Years ago I lived in the mountains east of Auburn and I used to go camping at Lake Davis and I saw a natural pine bonsai growing in a crevice of a boulder, which I would have loved to have, but then I thought it should stay where it was.

Kitoi said...

Thank you Linda for the kind words!

Mario Stefanović said...

Respect for the pot.
Thank you for your excellent blog.