Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Plectranthus ernestii

I've had this plant for about 10yrs, purchase as a branching seedling swimming in a 2in square plastic pot. It has been in that same container the entire time till a few days ago when I decided to stage it. It's not terrible hard to grow unless you live in a hot summer area (which I do). During the hotter months I keep under a bench with a northern exposure so it does not get too hot. Gets watered periodically, maybe every 3-4wks so it looks a bit dried out by the time the next drink comes around. Never fed, only freshened soil and placed back in the same container about 5yrs ago. Stays exposed to the elements during the winter where it get rained on and fattens up.

The pot is a 3in oval


MAKUTZI said...

Hi there, I just find your posts very inspirational. I live in Windhoek, Namibia and also collect succulents with a new interest in caudiciforms. As luck has it, I am a potter too and also have a few bonsai. I enjoy the way you make the pots for your plans look like their natural environment, as if they can not be without YOUR pot. Amazing!
We should make contact.

Anonymous said...

I received a plectranthus ernestii bonsai as a gift. I need to know detailed information on it and care information. Does it lose it's leaves during the winter? Also, is there any general bonsai information that I need to know about, because I'm new at bonsai care. I can't find any information on it nor anyone that carries it.