Friday, September 3, 2010

Pachypodium brevicaule

Purchased this beauty in 2006, the winter of 2007 it rotted. I cleaned out all dead tissue and was left with half the plant. I was told the only way to save it was to graft it onto lamerei. I'm not a fan of graft so I attempted to root it. After 16mo it started to push new foliage, I knew it had finally rooted and flowered soon after

Made a simple shallow bowl to be able to show it off

While it looks kinda cool I wasn't happy with the presentation. It needed a wider container, I started playing with ovals until I created something worth of this baby.

2 months later I entered it in the 25th Inter City C&S Show and won a blue ribbon and outstanding specimen!


Marcos Pacheco said...

Son una macetas preciosas!! felicidades.

cathie said...

I really love your pots. Are any of them for sale?

Anonymous said...


I have been following your blog and I really like your pots. Do you have any for sale? Would you be willing to take orders?

If you post an email address I will sent you my personal email.

Kitoi said...

appreciate it cathie and anonymous,
I do sell pots, try to build a supply but it never makes to the web. Better to order and I make it instead of waiting for something to be posted.

B. Diederich said...

Gorgeous plant and must have great patience. I came across this blog searching about paper clay...