Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dorstenia gigas

Dorstenia gigas, 31cm tall x 6cm at soil level

Bud detail

Pot detail

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David Antill said...

Hi Keith I love your work which has inspired me. Do you post on some forums as caudex1 and kweezr?
My lounge is filling up with succulents in mini bonsai pots that I previously had no use for. I have been into Bonsai for many years and whilst I know your forte is succulents... do have a look at the accent plants and pots done by Dan Barton here in the UK. I get the same sense of satisfaction in looking at his work as I do with yours and thought you might like to see his work if you do not know it already. I have no connection with this fellow other than I bought his Bonsai Book. The Link as follows.

All the best from David Antill in S E England