Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pelargonium carnosum

Received this plant a few years ago bareroot. To establish it I placed it in the six inch pot on the left with pure pumice, then the 6 was placed inside the 8 behind it to keep it from toppling over. I've looked at the plant for years and thought "how in the world am I going to stage that?"

A few months ago I made this pot and an experiment, it turned out ok but had nothing for it so I placed on the the shelf. This morning while looking around I saw the carnosum and took it over to the table thinking "what to do." As I was browsing through the pots I held up deep pots and it just didn't look right, then I saw this one at the bottom of the stack and thought it might work.


Pompom said...

Looks great keith!

Anonymous said...

Good looking plant and so is the pot.